Coaches and helpers


  • Mr Bedford Club President.

    Mr Bedford has been with Wakefield District Harriers for many years.

    As well has his role as President of Wakefield Harriers, Mr Bedford is always on hand to give advice and support to the Junior Jet coaches and to teach the children the finer points of the club rules.

    (It is with great regret we have to announce that Mr Bedford passed away in August 2007.As a tribute to a man who will never be forgotten I am leaving his name on this page.

    Thank you Dugie for all your help to me and all the the Junior Jets over many years.)

  • Mr John Newsome Club President.

    Mr Newsome has been with Wakefield harriers for many years.

    He has had many rolls on the committees of W.D.H. He is a regular first aider at many Athletic competitions.

  • Sue Club Register.

    Sue helps by taking the register of the Junior Jets athletes. She is always on hand to give advice and information to any new starters /athletes or parents.

  • xxxxxt Membership Secretary

    xxx is in charge of all memberships of the Wakefield Harriers and Junior Jets Athletes.

  • Steve Level 3 Performance Coach [jumps/speed] and Junior Jets Co-ordinator.

    Steve has been with Wakefield Harriers for 21 years.He started as most coaches do by coming when his son Matthew was a member of the Junior Jets. Steve also coaches under 13 to under 20 athletes at the 7pm session.

    Although he enjoys coaching the older athletes, Steve's main passion is seeing Junior Jet athletes improve in the three disciplines we teach.

    Steve can be contacted by going to the E Male page. the address is

  • Sue Level 2 Club Coach and Junior Jets Co-ordinator.

    As a child, Sue was an athlete with Wakefield Harriers. She came back with her own children and started to join in with the coaches of the Junior Jets. After helping out with the Jets for a year or two, Sue decided to take up coaching with Wakefield Harriers.

    As well as coaching with the Jets, Sue also coaches high level athletes at the 7 pm session . Sue loves coaching and enjoys joining in with her athletes.

  • Carol Junior jets Coach.

    Carol started several years ago when her 2 Children were 8 years old. Both here girls are now top Athletes at the club and Carol has become a J Jets Coach and a top class u13/15 Coach.

  • Steph and Robin Club Coaches.

    Steph and Robin also started when their two children became involved with the Junior Jets.

    . Both Steph and Robin enjoy teaching long jump. Steph also coaches the under 13 athletes with Sue.

  • Michael Vice Chairman and Level 3 Performance Coach [sprints and speed].

    Michael has been with the Junior Jets for 14 years. A lot of Michael's time is spent with the running of Wakefield Harriers.

  • Mandy and Andrea Clothing and Catering Officers

    Mandy and Andrea run the club shop. As well as providing the children with drinks and snacks they are also in charge of all the club clothing that is sold to the athletes. When the children become members of Wakefield Harriers, Mandy and Andrea will provide them with their free club vest.

    Hannah u17 shot putt Champion Athlete, also helps to coach the Junior Jets when she is not training herself.

    If you have a son or daughter at the Junior Jets and you would like to become involved, please have a word with any of the team at the Club. All help with Jets will be most welcome.

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